Dr. Robert Cialdini's Weapons Of Influence

Reciprocation Bias

  • How reciprocation creates unequal exchanges, and in one experiment by a factor of more than 500%
  • Why reciprocation is powerful regardless of how much someone likes you
  • How giving away flowers help build a powerful religious movement
  • What made the “rejection and retreat” technique triple the success of an experiment
  • How to defend against reciprocation bias from negatively impacting your decisions

Consistency & Commitment Bias

  • The powerful application of the “foot in the door” technique
  • Why hard won commitments are the most powerful
  • The dangers of seemingly innocuous commitments
  • How commitment builds its own internal justifications
  • How you can defend yourself against falling prey to commitment bias

Social Proof

  • How social proof can over-ride people’s will to live
  • Why news coverage makes mass shootings more likely
  • Why TV shows use canned laughter
  • How someone could be stabbed in front of 38 people without any help
  • How you should ask for help in a dangerous situation 

Liking Bias  

  • How this bias made Joe Girard the greatest care salesman of all time. 
  • How Tupperware was able to grow their sales to 2.5 Million per day.
  • Why ugly criminals are 2x more likely to go to jail and receive harsher sentences. 

Authority Bias

  • Why con-artists wear lifts in their shoes.
  • How a normal person can be convinced to administer lethal shocks to an innocent research subject.
  • Why 95% of nurses were willing to give deadly doses of a drug to their patients.

Scarcity Bias

  • How changing simple phrases can lead to 6x the influence.
  • Why outcry auctions turn your brain into mush.
  • The power and impact of these biases on our decisions at a subconscious level.