Hive Hour Listeners - Welcome to the Science of Success!

Below you will find links to the podcast episodes we mentioned and discussed as well as many of the research studies we talked about. 

How to Unleash The Power of Meditation (and a ton of Meditation Research) - Listen Here!

  • Meditation Improves Your Ability to Be Introspective (see here)
  • Meditation Decreases Depression (see here)
  • Meditation Decreases Anxiety (see herehere, and here)
  • Meditation Decreases Stress (see here and here)
  • Meditation Increases Compassion (see here and here)
  • Meditation Increases Immune System Function (see here and here)
  • Meditation Improves Your Ability to Regulate Your Emotions (see here)
  • Meditation Increases Grey Matter (see here)
  • Meditation Increases Brain Size In Areas Related to Emotional Regulation (see here and here)
  • Meditation Increases Positive Emotions (see here and here)
  • Meditation Increases Cortical Thickness In Areas Related to Paying Attention (see here)
  • Meditation Increases Your Ability to Focus & Multitask (see here and here)

The Surprising Data-Backed Truth About Achievement with Peter Shallard - Listen Here!

The Surprising Power of Compassion with Dr. Chris Kukk - Listen Here!